Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome treated in Fortis

Patient treated for Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome at Fortis

A patient suffering from Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome (short-circuit of the heart) was admitted to Fortis hospital in Bangalore. The doctors trained to treat Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome (WPW) at the hospital used state-of-the-art equipment to conduct cardiac ablation, a procedure that destroys the short circuit in the heart and restore it to the normal rhythm. Continue reading

Chewing gum removes bacteria

Chewing gum removes 100 million bacteria

If you are worried about oral bacteria, one way to get rid of it is to chew gum. Recent researches seem to be positive about the oral health benefits of chewing gum. According to the findings, 10 minutes of chewing gum removes about 100 million bacterial from your mouth. The researchers from Netherlands have found out that chewing gum can trap and remove bacterial from the oral cavity. They say that chewing gum may be as good as flowing. Continue reading

Tips to repay loans and credit card dues

Plan to repay loans & credit card dues

If you have drowned deep into the debt, you are not alone. There are millions of them who are sailing in the same boat. Be it an ordinary daily wage worker or a middle class office employee. Even the multi-millionaire, in his lifetime, may have faced similar situation. To overcome this situation may not be easy but is possible. All you have to do is “plan & prioritize” to repay loans.

Here’s an interesting article originally published in Times of India, Bengaluru edition, dated 29th Dec 2014. Continue reading

Life after Organ Transplant

Life after the transplantation of Heart, Kidney, Liver and Cornea

The Life after Organ Transplant was published in Times of India on 24th Dec 2014, Bangalore edition. This is one of the most important and crucial information that everybody should be aware of. This article was written by Sunitha Rao @ Timesgroup.com after interviewing top doctors in the city.

It’s not a onetime affair but a lifelong one for organ recipients. They must value their gift and lead disciplined lives – says doctors

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Main hoon Rajinikanth Controversy

Main hoon Rajinikanth Controversy – bad publicity

main hoon Rajinikanth

Living Legend – the Super Star

The main hoon Rajinikanth controversy seems to be publicity stunt for the movie itself. The people involved in the making of this movie would have probably known that someone would object it and this is going to become a national issue for sure. Thanks to our Super Star Rajinikanth who himself has filed the case in the court to stop the screening of Main hoon Rajinikanth movie.

I would not hesitate to mention here that I never knew about this movie until I read about this in the newspaper. Now this news has appeared in the national news papers like Deccan Herald and the Times of India and some TV channels, the movie will attract more people if at all it makes to the theatre. Continue reading