Main hoon Rajinikanth Controversy

Main hoon Rajinikanth Controversy – bad publicity

main hoon Rajinikanth
Living Legend – the Super Star

The main hoon Rajinikanth controversy seems to be publicity stunt for the movie itself. The people involved in the making of this movie would have probably known that someone would object it and this is going to become a national issue for sure. Thanks to our Super Star Rajinikanth who himself has filed the case in the court to stop the screening of Main hoon Rajinikanth movie.

I would not hesitate to mention here that I never knew about this movie until I read about this in the newspaper. Now this news has appeared in the national news papers like Deccan Herald and the Times of India and some TV channels, the movie will attract more people if at all it makes to the theatre. Continue reading

Sketching in Bangalore’s Lalbagh

This artist drew the portrait in less than 10 minutes

Sketch of a little girl
Sketch of a little girl

If you had been to the flower show in Lalbagh conducted during the month of August 2014, you would have probably seen this artist drawing the portrait of tourists for just Rs. 200.

Drawing a portrait
Drawing a portrait

The children were more interested in getting their portrait done and their parents were also quite supportive. Check out the sketches which are near to perfect. For those children it is going to be a great remembrance.


Floodlights at Ulsoor Lake Bangalore

Floodlights at Ulsoor Lake Bangalore

Floodlights at Ulsoor Lake Bangalorw

The Floodlights at Ulsoor Lake Bangalore – This image was captured during the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival.

The Ulsoor Lake is one of the big lakes located at the heart of Bangalore city. During the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, thousands of devotees come here to submerge the idols.

The lake has all facility including a big crane to help devotees to submerge the idols of all sizes.